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Kranked Kids Zone @Vancouver Bike Show March 2-3


Challenge yourself, challenge your friends! The Kranked Kids Zone is an engaging interactive exhibit that gets kids excited about mountain biking while teaching them the skills they need to be safe on the trails. Five skill testing challenges teach different riding skills.  Kranked kids bikes provided for ages 3-10. Collect points with a Kranked passport and earn prizes. Bonus points for taking part in the expo scavenger hunt!

Holly Feniak, Jr. World DH Champion will be inspiring kids at the Kranked Kids Zone throughout the weekend.

Kids Activities

1. Snail Race (target skill: balance)

2. Balance Beam (target skill: riding a line)

3. Stop on a Dime (target skill: emergency braking)

            4. Zig-Zag Course (target skills: balance, sudden turning, avoiding

            5. Cedar Bridge Trail (riding on an uneven surface, riding on a raised cedar platform


All kids will receive small awards for challenging themselves!



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